New information about “The Eleventh Hour” & examination of minutiae

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matt Smith has teased us all with a statement that “The Eleventh Hour” holds a clue regarding the Ponds’ departure. (More about that here.)

That episode has been picked apart pretty thoroughly by now.  I plan to collect here all the anomalies I can find and categorize them as:

  1. definitely explained and deliberate,
  2. possibly or probably explained and deliberate,
  3. unexplained but still apparently deliberate,
  4. possibly deliberate, possibly a continuity error, and possibly plain old plot, or
  5. apparently accidental or erroneous

…and indulge in speculation about how everything fits together. This will probably involve bringing in information or anomalies from other episodes, as the arc(s) of both Series 5 and Series 6 get very wibbly-wobbly. On the surface, “The Eleventh Hour” has the gloss and pacing characteristic of the new series, but below that polish are some very weird discrepancies. I’ll also be disproving, to the best of my ability, the theories that strike me as least-supported or -plausible.

Leave your own speculations and points of interest in the comments — with timestamps so we can all go hunt them down!

(Timestamps are approximate and pictures are blurry, thanks to Netflix’s low quality. I will replace these as I can. The list is now finished; time to figure out what it all means!)

No spoiler tags used beyond this point…