Day of the Day of the Doctor

Well. So that was the 50th anniversary special.

This is the thread for people who have already seen it. Leave now if you haven’t. No, really, go watch it first. Nothing but spoilers within.

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Night of the Doctor, Day of Grudging Forgiveness

Okay, now I’m pissed off and crying.

I don’t want Moffat at the head of this. I don’t want to start enjoying Moffat’s work again, because suspension of disbelief is suspension of self-protection; inevitably, there will be a women-drivers crack or a snide eyeroll or a sprained ankle that will slap me in the face with the fundamental gender essentialism that is — believe me, I’m in the middle of a rewatch — as bad now under Moffatt as it was in the 60s, and occasionally worse. And it will hurt more if I lack detachment.

I need to stay detached from this anniversary party. I’m trying, to an extent, to pretend that it’s not happening, or that it’s no big deal. I’ve been handling it by keeping the old and new shows separate lately, seeing Nine on as inspired by the old show, but not the same.

I haven’t always done that. Under RTD, I was desperate to find the sly continuities that hinted at canonizing the interim years of comics, novels, audio plays, charity shorts. I wanted Davies to acknowledge how many people worked, and how strenuously, to keep the Doctor’s stories alive after cancellation. I screamed when I saw “Human Nature” as an episode title. I bellowed and flailed every time reference was made to the Doctor having a navel, having a grandchild, stealing a TARDIS. “There, you see? They’re bringing the new audience up to speed! They’re going to start incorporating the CMP! They’re going to finish telling about the Time War!”

Davies never delivered, and eventually I accepted that he was using all that as a backdrop to enrich the story for those in the know and give it texture and mystery for those who weren’t. Moffatt seemed uninterested in pursuing that line when he took over.

Then, too, I hate webisodes and minisodes and five-minute “specials” the way the prototypical desert-island survivor learns to hate coconuts. When something sustains you inadequately for years without ever approaching being fulfilling, you learn to resent the hunger it prompts more than you can enjoy the few minutes you spend consuming it. I prefer to collect them unwatched, and then see them all at once as an appetizer to the first show of a new season. But this is so talked-about that there’s no way I would make it another week-plus without spoilers; all I could realistically hope for was to spoil it for myself by watching it before anyone else could manage to give something away.

Spoilers, naturally, below.

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How the Ponds leave?

There’s the information in my examination of “The Eleventh Hour”, including the fact that Smith’s first episode contains a hint of what eventually happens to the Ponds. In that post, I go on at length about the strangeness of the swing.

In “The Power of Three”, the Doctor starts to take his leave at 39:00 by saying, “Worlds to save, swings to… swing on.”

I hate when my brain does this. I think I’ve just spoiled the next episode for myself completely. Don’t read further if there’s anything at all you like about surprises, in case I’m right.

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Bad Wolf: Dr. Whovian’s Sing-Along Filk

I’m sorry. It’s Etcet’s fault, really.

Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf
She writes across all spacetime
The words to draw them in
She got the console open
Let the fun begin…

It needs a great detective
To track them to the end
To find the cause, locate the source
(A TARDIS would be nice, of course)

Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf
She’s bad

The whole fleet of the Daleks
Approaches to make war
The option he selects
Shows what the Doctor’s for

So scatter Bad Wolf widely
Or face a Dalek War.

Wake Jack back up
In time to duck
You’ll be fantastic!

— Yellow Truck

New information about “The Eleventh Hour” & examination of minutiae

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matt Smith has teased us all with a statement that “The Eleventh Hour” holds a clue regarding the Ponds’ departure. (More about that here.)

That episode has been picked apart pretty thoroughly by now.  I plan to collect here all the anomalies I can find and categorize them as:

  1. definitely explained and deliberate,
  2. possibly or probably explained and deliberate,
  3. unexplained but still apparently deliberate,
  4. possibly deliberate, possibly a continuity error, and possibly plain old plot, or
  5. apparently accidental or erroneous

…and indulge in speculation about how everything fits together. This will probably involve bringing in information or anomalies from other episodes, as the arc(s) of both Series 5 and Series 6 get very wibbly-wobbly. On the surface, “The Eleventh Hour” has the gloss and pacing characteristic of the new series, but below that polish are some very weird discrepancies. I’ll also be disproving, to the best of my ability, the theories that strike me as least-supported or -plausible.

Leave your own speculations and points of interest in the comments — with timestamps so we can all go hunt them down!

(Timestamps are approximate and pictures are blurry, thanks to Netflix’s low quality. I will replace these as I can. The list is now finished; time to figure out what it all means!)

No spoiler tags used beyond this point…